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Be Aware: Dont Get Fooled by Common Investment Scams

Unfortunately, scams occur everywhere and can affect anyone, and the investment world is no exception to this reality.  Being aware of common investment scams, however, can greatly reduce the possibility that one ends up being financially misled or taken advantage of.  The following information was recently presented by FINRA in hopes of guiding investors and increasing awareness surrounding possible scamming techniques that may be utilized by investment agencies.

FINRA identified these strategies to be the most common ones used to scam investors:

Nontraded Business Development Companies To Be Scrutinized By Regulators

A) Introduction

Nontraded business development companies are a fast-growing investment option in today’s market. Financial securities regulators such as the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) have been looking into reviewing policies and standards that govern this type of investment.

B) What are nontraded business development companies, also known as ‘BDC’s?

Misled Into Early Retirement By Investment Pitches?

Have you experienced the frustration of building up a sizeable retirement savings at an early age only to lose all or most of your nest egg by the time you need it most?  Have you been lured into taking that nest egg and cashing it in, reinvesting that precious financial security in hopes of living comfortably for the rest of your life?  If so, you are not alone: many hard-working, honest individuals have been misled into investing schemes that can cause these types of undesired results.

Even Stockbrokers Themselves Arent Exempt From Being Scammed

In honor of International Fraud Awareness Week, which ended on November 17th, FINRA has issued a warning containing what has struck some as startling news: a seasoned stockbroker recently fell victim to an investment scam.  FINRA chose to highlight this story in an effort to emphasize the fact that anyone can be scammed, even those we would least expect.

TIC Investments Can Be Deceivingly Risky

Have you suffered investment losses in a Cabot TIC investment?  If so, Securities and Stock Fraud Attorney Thomas C. Bradley may be able to help you recover those losses through FINRA arbitration.

Bradley is investigating potential securities fraud claims which have been made against the broker-dealers that improperly or unsuitably recommended tenant in common (TIC) investments to their clients.

SEC Accuses Adviser of Manipulating Accounts

Late last month, an investment adviser from MiddleCove Capital LLC in Connecticut was suspected to be guilty of “cherrypicking” trades in order to benefit his own accounts.  The adviser, Noah Myers, lost roughly $2 million of his clients’ money while gaining approximately $460,000 for himself.  These illegal actions took place over the span of two and a half years and ended in the beginning of 2011.


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