Even Smart and Experienced Investors Can Be Misled by Complex Investments

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Always knowing what you are getting into with an investment can be challenging—even extensive experience and a savvy approach to the investment world does not guarantee that you won’t be misled, making a bad decision based on the errant guidance of others.  James Zeigon is an example of such an incident.

Zeigon was a managing director and chief executive of Deutsche Bank’s Global Institutional Services for two years, and prior to that he was with Chase Manhattan for 23 years as a senior managing director and head of Chase Global Services.  He had made it through many years in the investment arena and was highly experienced as a result.  Yet he had made some complex investments with First Republic Securities Company LLC that even he did not fully comprehend.

Zeigon was awarded $870,000 from a FINRA arbitration panel because First Republic Securities failed to perform an adequate “reasonable basis” suitability determination before they sold him the investment which they had recommended that he purchase. This case is proof that even sophisticated investors can be misled into making ill-advised investments.

If you have had a similar experience, you should know your rights and should be aware of the most appropriate course of action from this point forward.  Thomas C. Bradley is a knowledgeable investment and securities fraud attorney who can help you to reclaim most or even all of your losses.  Contact his law office today to see what he can do for you.