Even Stockbrokers Themselves Arent Exempt From Being Scammed

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In honor of International Fraud Awareness Week, which ended on November 17th, FINRA has issued a warning containing what has struck some as startling news: a seasoned stockbroker recently fell victim to an investment scam.  FINRA chose to highlight this story in an effort to emphasize the fact that anyone can be scammed, even those we would least expect.

Steve Sampler is the unlucky person who became one of countless individuals to be affected by investment fraud.  Sampler, a licensed pro stock broker, lost about $40,000 in a scam within the oil and gas industry.  The seemingly secure investment which was relentlessly presented to Sampler by an individual who had gotten close to him over recent months revolved around what ended up being unregistered shares in nonproducing oil wells.  However, due to the brokers’ ability to gradually wear down Sampler, he eventually gave in and lost tens of thousands of dollars as a result.

Please heed FINRA’s warning, and be aware of the fact that investment scams can affect anyone.

If you feel that you may have been pressured or falsely misled into investing in a similar scam, consulting a proper legal source may by key in regaining your financial losses.  Contact Thomas C. Bradley, a Securities and Stock Fraud Attorney in Reno, Nevada, today to find out how he can help you in your effort.

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