Recover Your Moody TIC Losses

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The sales of Moody National Dunwoody Fairfield Inn Suites TIC-TIC, PAT, LLC have been the subject of another recent case involving a lack of due diligence on the part of stockbrokers.  This has led many investors to suffer sizeable financial losses for the following reasons: they feel that they were misinformed regarding the apparent financial value of the TIC investments, and were not properly warned by their brokers of the investment’s high-risk nature.  As a result of their brokers’ poor performances, the victimized individuals are seeking a refund for their losses as well as financial assistance in recovering their attorney’s fees and costs of litigation.

If you have experienced such a lack of due diligence on the part of your broker and have suffered financially as a result, then you may be able to recover your losses with the right legal assistance.  Thomas C. Bradley of Reno, Nevada, is a Securities and Stock Fraud Attorney who may be able to provide the expertise that you need.  Call his office today for a free confidential consultation.