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Running a business in the modern world involves dealing with a complex and often bewildering variety of legal agreements. Business owners have a variety of explicit and implicit contracts with their customers, employees, partners, and the government that they must constantly fulfill. If any of these agreements are violated, the health of the business could be left at risk.

Because of the inherent risks associated with running a business, it is always a good idea to have a business dispute lawyer you can rely on. With over thirty years of experience and a track record of success, Nevada attorney Thomas C. Bradley is an excellent choice. Call our office at 775-323-5178 for help with any business-related matters.

Types of Business Dispute Cases

It can be difficult to know when you need a business lawyer, but a good rule of thumb is that you should never handle any legal claim or litigation without some form of professional representation. Mr. Bradley takes cases on a variety of business disputes, and as a lawyer who has mediated hundreds of cases, he may even be able to help you settle your case outside of court.

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Any time two parties engaged in a business transaction disagree about the terms of that transaction, Mr. Bradley can sort through the available evidence and advise you on how to proceed. If your business has issues that require attention in civil court, you should look through Mr. Bradley's qualifications in civil litigation related to business disputes.

Nevada Business Lawyer

Perhaps you are looking for someone to mediate or arbitrate your business dispute out of court. Perhaps you are already headed to court, and need a lawyer who is experienced and confident in the courtroom. Either way, Thomas C. Bradley is an excellent choice. He is a certified arbitrator and has been named a Top Trial Lawyer by both the American Trial Lawyers' Association and the National Trial Lawyers’ Association. The close personal interest he will take in your case is unmatched.

If you do business in Nevada, we strongly encourage you to consider Mr. Bradley when looking for a business dispute lawyer. To set up an initial legal consultation at the Law Office of Thomas C. Bradley, contact us through this website or call us at 775-323-5178.