Director & Officer Liability

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If a company you own shares in is guilty of practices that constitute corporate misconduct, you could receive financial compensation for your damages. However, the corporation as a whole may not be the main guilty party. If you discover fraud by individual corporate officers or directors, you may be able to sue them as individuals.

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When Are Corporate Officers Personally Liable in Corporate Fraud?

In the past, executives at large corporations have tried to avoid direct responsibility for their actions by claiming that they were acting on behalf of the company and therefore do not bear any individual blame.

More and more, courts are rejecting these arguments. If an officer or director personally committed fraud for personal benefit or enrichment, they may be held personally liable.

In Nevada, holding individuals responsible for corporate misconduct can be difficult due to lenient corporate liability laws. This often requires the plaintiff to prove that officers or directors of a company intentionally acted to defraud the company and enrich themselves.

Finding an Officer Liability Attorney to Help You

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