Finding the Right Attorney for Your Business Dispute

Reno, NV Attorney serving Nevada & California


Not every attorney is right for every case. When business owners select Thomas C. Bradley Esq. in Reno, Nevada, it is because they want an attorney experienced with business disputes and skilled in litigation. If you need an experienced business dispute lawyer, call Thomas C. Bradley at 775-323-5178.

When the Outcome of Your Case Is Vitally Important to Your Business:

  • Choose an attorney who shares your sense of urgency. Whether you are suing or being sued, plaintiff or defendant, any lawsuit or dispute can rapidly become an important, even defining, event in the success or failure of a business.
  • Choose an attorney who is responsive and has an ability to act quickly. Thomas C. Bradley will quickly review thousands of pages of documents and determine what is important. He will then organize the facts, develop the most effective arguments, and argue the case vigorously.
  • Choose an attorney who will enforce your rights. If you have a contract with a much larger company, you need a zealous attorney who will stand up to the challenge and fight for you at every stage of the case.
  • Choose an attorney who knows and understands Nevada laws and Nevada courts.
  • Choose an attorney who will minimize costs and maximize speed in the litigation process.

If you are a Nevada resident and want a lawyer that finds solutions, protects his clients, and takes prompt decisive actions, set up a consultation with Thomas C. Bradley Esq.  by calling 775-323-5178.