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In the corporate world, breach of fiduciary duty occurs when a board member, corporate officer, stockbroker, or some other agent acts or advises you against your own best interests. When they enrich themselves in the process, this is referred to as self-dealing.

Don’t let people in a position of trust enrich themselves at your expense! With the help of a good Nevada business lawyer, you can file a lawsuit to recover money lost when another party breaches their fiduciary duty. Call attorney Tom Bradley at 775-323-5178 to schedule your initial legal consultation.

Trying Your Self-Dealing Case in Nevada

In the last decade, the state of Nevada has become much friendlier to corporations, making it more difficult to sue officers or board members of businesses incorporated in Nevada for breach of fiduciary duty. Often it is necessary to prove the members in question are liable for intentional misconduct, fraud, or violation of the law.

High-ranking corporate officials aren’t the only ones who can engage in self dealing. Other groups can also be found liable for the crime, including:

  • Trustees
  • Attorneys
  • Individuals holding a power of attorney
  • Asset managers

If you suspect anyone who owes you a fiduciary duty of placing their own interests above their fiduciary duty, then you need to speak with a Nevada attorney with experience in these matters.

The Business Fraud Lawyer for You

Thomas C. Bradley has a long and successful record of prosecuting stockbrokers and other individuals who violated their fiduciary duty. When you bring your case to Mr. Bradley you can be sure that he will give it his utmost personal attention.

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