Shareholder Rights

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Holding shares in a corporation provides you with the benefits of ownership but it also entails certain risks. If a company in which you own shares is accused of corporate misconduct, it can affect your financial standing and long-term financial security. Alternatively, business disputes between minority shareholders and the owners or corporate officers can lead to a legal action, which is not beneficial to anyone involved.

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Rights of Shareholders in Nevada

Owning shares in a corporation gives you certain rights. These include:

  • The right to vote on issues that affect the whole corporation
  • Rights related to assets and transfer of stock
  • The right to receive dividends
  • The right to receive a share of any liquidated assets
  • The right to inspect the records and books of the corporation
  • Rights that allow you to sue the corporation if directors or officers commit wrongful acts

As a shareholder, you are shielded from any personal liability for debts and other obligations your company may incur. However, actions by the board or officers that harm the corporation have the possibility of harming your financial well-being.

Shareholder Litigation

If you hold stock in a corporation which you believe is guilty of shady business practices, you have an option to initiate business litigation against the company. You may have proof that the corporate officers are acting in bad faith or defrauding you. In situations like these, litigation is often the best solution.

However, there are other options. You can attempt to settle privately with the corporation, which many companies are willing to do to avoid bad press. Or you can settle through a different channel like arbitration or mediation, both of which are more efficient than the usual litigation process. Whatever you choose, it's important that you consult an experienced lawyer like Mr. Bradley and listen to his advice.

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