Divorce Rates Rise After the Holidays

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The holidays can be very stressful. As different sides of the extended family make their own demands for time and attention, the financial and emotional pressure of the season can create tensions that expose a relationship’s weaknesses. For many couples, the additional strain on relationships already stretched too thin proves too much to handle.

Filings for divorce double on the first Monday following New Years, as the “most wonderful time of the year” comes to an end and reality sets back in. While this slows significantly as the year progresses, divorce rates increase by nearly 1/3rd in the first few weeks of January and February.

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New Year, New Life

Many people take time to reassess after the holidays. A common refrain of the New Year is “New You,” which for some means moving on from their current situation.

There are myriad reasons couples seek divorce. Many of the issues that can strain a relationship become exacerbated during the holiday season. Common marriage problems such as finances, balancing time, dealing with different desires and needs, and maintaining specific relationship expectations may become more apparent when additional time is spent together. When these things prove insurmountable, the best option for all involved is often a dissolution of the marriage.

Practical Considerations

There are several practical considerations to make prior to filing for divorce. For separated couples who meet specific requirements, an uncontested divorce may be possible. However, even when the parting is amicable, it may be necessary to attend mediation to resolve issues including:

Divorce proceedings seldom go to trial, but this outcome is always a possibility. High net worth couples and couples with mutual business interests may find such steps unavoidable, though an experienced divorce lawyer may be able to help you speed the process and avoid going to court.

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