Business and Civil Litigation Attorney Thomas C. Bradley

Reno, NV Attorney serving Nevada & California


For more than 30 years, Thomas C. Bradley has fought for the rights of businesses and individuals who find themselves in need of a professional attorney's services. Mr. Bradley is happy to take cases in business litigation, civil litigation, and securities fraud. Whatever your legal situation may entail, Mr. Bradley will handle every aspect of your case himself, and is happy to meet with you personally to discuss it.

Thomas Bradley, Esq California and NevadaThere are many reasons to employ the services of a business lawyer: Someone you have a business relationship with may be in breach of their contract; you may own stock in a company and suspect the board of misconduct; or you may have suffered financial harm from parties who misrepresented themselves and their qualifications to gain your trust. Whether you are in need of a litigator or are facing litigation yourself, Mr. Bradley is eminently qualified to represent you in a legal capacity. In addition to his work as a lawyer, Mr. Bradley is a certified arbitrator, and is able to assist as a neutral party in the resolution of business and commercial disputes.

Large firms like to talk about their vast ‘legal teams’ that will work on your case and will bill you for every person who contributes. Quantity is no substitute for quality in business law.  With Mr. Bradley on your side, you get the benefits of a skilled and persistent litigator who will handle every aspect of your case himself and personally keep you informed of its progress.