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After I invested a substantial sum of money in a small company, I discovered that the President of this company was using company funds to pay for his own lavish personal expenses. I hired Tom and he was able to negotiate a quick resolution that was very much to my liking. I now recommend Tom to all my friends and business associates.

- John C.

Thomas Bradley is a knowledgeable, hard-working and ethical attorney. I have relied on his advice for several business dispute issues and found his legal counsel to be comprehensive and practical. He’s a good guy who does a great job for his clients.

- Nancy S.

Tom is an experienced business lawyer in Reno, Nevada. He was very helpful in sorting out legal issues I was experiencing in my business. Tom resolved my partnership dispute without incurring huge litigation or mediation costs. Tom was sensitive to how quickly legal fees can add up, and I really appreciated his guidance to minimize the expense. I recommend the law Office of Thomas C. Bradley to any business owner who needs to resolve a business dispute.

- Bill T.

Tom has always provided me with excellent legal advice, particularly in the area of partnership disputes. His advice has been invaluable to me in this regard. I strongly recommend contacting Tom for a  consultation as I have done. Tom will take the time to carefully review your case, and present you with all legal options at your disposal.

- Gordon H.

Mr. Bradley devoted a great deal of attention to my case. He was always well-prepared and organized.  I recommend him highly.

- Robert B.

I will never hire a large law firm again-I will always retain Tom Bradley. He provides high quality legal representation without the expensive overhead of big law firms.

- Greg C.

I was very pleased with not only the result that Mr. Bradley obtained, but the relative speed in which he obtained a substantial settlement in my business dispute.

- Russel G.

Tom really understood my litigation objectives and crafted a sensible plan to accomplish them.

- Robin B.

Tom is an honest pragmatic lawyer. I recommend him highly.

- Susan K.

Mr. Bradley is a skillful negotiator. He was prepared for every argument the opponent raised. He maneuvered around some thorny factual and legal issues in the case. In the end, we ended up with a great result.

- Eric K.