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In the process of running a business, disputes between groups and individuals come up all the time. When these disputes cannot be resolved in a satisfactory manner through one-on-one negotiation, business litigation is often the next step.

Many people who would benefit from hiring a business litigator don't believe they need one. You may own a small business and think that lawyers are only practical for bigger companies. But an experienced and skilled litigator like Tom Bradley can help you handle issues in a variety of legal areas relating to your business.

Mr. Bradley handles the following areas of litigation:

Click on any of the above links to learn more about these practice areas. If you have a case involving your business, your investment portfolio, or a financial disagreement with another party, and you don't know which of these areas would apply, contact Mr. Bradley for a free initial consultation.

A Nevada Business Attorney You Can Trust

With over thirty years of experience practicing law in Nevada, Tom Bradley is an excellent lawyer for anyone contemplating or facing litigation. He will handle your case personally, and will keep you updated on developments any time you call. To set up an initial consultation, contact his office at 775-323-5178.