Arbitration and Mediation

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Many legal disputes can end in litigation. In partnership disputes, or other cases in which everyone's best interest is to resolve things quickly, you may wish to take a less extreme step. This is where arbitration and mediation can be helpful.

As a certified FINRA arbitrator with experience mediating disagreements between business partners, Thomas C. Bradley can help you and your business partners reach an equitable agreement without going through the time and expense of a lawsuit. Call 775-323-5178 to schedule an appointment with Mr. Bradley today.


Rather than having your case heard in a courtroom you can get a much quicker decision by taking it to a panel of arbitrators. Arbitration is typically a non-binding adversarial procedure which costs less and takes less time to arrive at an equitable decision. Consult with your business lawyer to see if arbitration is right for you. In many cases, arbitration provisions in a business agreement force both parties to seek an equitable decision through an arbitration panel.


An informal process of bringing two parties to a solution that is equally acceptable to both sides, mediation differs from arbitration in several ways. Rather than being adversarial in nature, mediation encourages both sides to find a common ground. It is a voluntary process for businesses or professionals. Parties who wish to resolve disputes quickly and amicably may turn to mediation.

Finding a Certified Arbitrator in Nevada

If you are considering using mediation or arbitration to resolve your business dispute, you should take your case to Tom Bradley. As a certified arbitrator in Nevada, Mr. Bradley has a unique perspective on the process, and is well-qualified to mediate your dispute.

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