How to Recover Your Losses with Arbitration or Securities Litigation

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If you suspect that you may be the victim of stockbroker misconduct, you need to contact a knowledgeable, experienced arbitration attorney right away. Recovery of your stock market losses may not be possible if you wait too long to file a claim.

At the Law Office of Thomas C. Bradley, we will work diligently to assemble a strong case aimed at getting you the highest possible recovery, plus additional expenses including interest and legal fees. Time is of the essence in investment fraud cases. If you feel that your stock broker or financial planner has taken advantage of you, set up your free securities litigation consultation office today by calling 775-323-5178.

Your legal remedies include arbitration, mediation, and, in rare cases, securities litigation. Mr. Bradley will recommend the most beneficial course of action for your securities fraud case.


Arbitration is the most common remedy for victims of stockbroker misconduct. This less formal alternative dispute resolution is not carried out in a courtroom and uses a panel of arbitrators instead of a judge to reach a decision.

Arbitration is typically a quicker resolution than litigation. In securities litigation, your case is taken before a judge or jury, which can take significantly more time and resources. Arbitration is used for the majority of investment fraud claims as most brokerage houses contain client agreements with pre-dispute arbitration provisions.


Mediation is an informal process that attempts to solve the securities fraud dispute through use of a mutually agreed upon resolution. A third party mediator helps guide the opposing parties to an acceptable solution and amount of repayment for the misconduct. Mediation is voluntary, and both sides are allowed to openly discuss their concerns in order to reach a resolution agreed upon by both parties.

The mediator's role is only one of guidance - the final solution is fully decided upon by the parties. When a resolution is not reached through mediation, the claim may need to be resolved using arbitration or litigation. Mediation is a timely, cost effective solution and is strictly confidential.


Securities litigation is often the last resort method of dispute resolution when mediation and securities arbitration are not sufficient. The securities litigation process involves a civil action presented to a judge or a jury. The Plaintiff's attorney attempts to seek a judgment that will return stock market losses as a result of stockbroker misconduct to his client, and additional expenses.

Securities litigation is normally a more costly and time-consuming alternative. However, if a reasonable solution cannot be reached after mediation, securities litigation lawyer, Mr. Bradley will move to arbitration or litigation. He will not hesitate to do what it takes to get you the amount of money you deserve.

Find out if mediation, arbitration or litigation will work best for your securities fraud case. Let attorney Thomas C. Bradley, serving San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, California and Reno, Nevada, help you recover your stock losses. Contact our office online or by phone at 775-323-5178 today if you suspect you may have been the victim of fraud.