Churning Case Affects Brokerage Firm

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One way that stockbrokers can take advantage of their clients is by trading excessively within a client’s account to generate higher commission for themselves.  This improper activity is often referred to as “churning,” and took place within a case that was settled last month.

The case involved a brokerage firm called JHS Capital Advisors Inc. and its former employee Enver R. Alijaj, who was hit with a $1.9 million FINRA arbitration award because he churned one of his client’s accounts.  The brokerage firm is now being forced to absorb the hefty financial penalties that have resulted from Alijaj’s dishonesty.

Investors in these types of cases are frequently able to recover their financial losses with the help of an attorney, and so can you if you feel that you may be the victim of a similar situation.  Contact Thomas C. Bradley, Securities and Stock Fraud Attorney in Reno, Nevada, to see how he can assist you in recovering your own financial losses.  Call today for your own free consultation.